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Colourless diamonds and diamonds that are yellow or yellowish brown are grouped into the categories shown below. These grades do not apply to fancy coloured diamonds, they have their own colour grading standards.

  • D E F Colourless.

  • G H I J Nearly colourless.

  • K L M Faintly tinted, usually yellow.

  • N O P Q R Lightly tinted, usually yellow. Tint can be seen with the naked eye.

  • S T U V W X Y Z Tinted, usually yellow, may progress to brownish. Tint visible to the naked eye, even when mounted.
There are 10 main diamond shapes. To see these please go to Single Stone Diamond Rings

The four major characteristics that are considered when determining a diamond's quality and value are:
Diamond Colour See above chart and information.

Diamond Clarity A perfect diamond with perfect clarity is rare, and most flaws cannot be seen without magnification.

Diamond Cut This is about a diamond's proportions, such as its depth and width and the uniformity of its facets, all characteristics that control brilliance, durability and other features.

Diamond Carat Weight. Carat is the term used to express the weight of a diamond, with one carat equaling 200 milligrams of actual weight.
Carat weight is used as a measure for other gemstones, but different gems of the same weight aren't necessarily the same size, because some gemstones are more dense than others -- they pack more weight into a smaller space.
The weight of smaller diamonds is often expressed as points instead of carats -- there are 100 points in a carat. Another way to look at it is to say that each point equals 0.01, or one-hundredth, of a carat.
Point Examples:
0.05 means five one-hundredths, so a 0.05 carat diamond equals five points.
0.25 means twenty-five one-hundredths, so a 0.25 carat diamond equals twenty-five points, or one quarter of a carat.


A diamond certificate is issued following an unbiased and professional examination to authenticate a diamond's attributes. The carat weight, colour and clarity are all validated, together with the diamond's exact measurements. Cut grades are also included for Round Brilliant cuts. It is generally accepted by diamond industry professionals that the GIA, HRD, IGI, EGL, EDR, AnchorCert, BGI, PSL & others set the standard when it comes to diamond grading. See Links page of this site for further information on these certificates.
Diamonds For Me can arrange certification for uncerted stones.